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Join A Community of Morgan Stanley Colleagues Dedicated to Excellence

Founded in 1990, APIC is an association that is organized, managed and funded entirely by Financial Advisors of Morgan Stanley. As such, we share the Firms vision for putting clients first. Our mission is to inspire excellence in investment consulting through collaboration, education and innovation.

Membership is restricted to those who meet the highest standards of commitment, competence and compliance in the practice of investment management consulting. This means that, as a member, you have the opportunity to build relationships with professionals you respect and like-minded people you enjoy. Our goal is to help you deliver a higher level of service to your clients and experience a higher level of satisfaction yourself.


Our members view each other as colleagues rather than competitors. We willingly share our wealth of experience, which is virtually unheard of in the industry. Collaboration raises the professionalism of our members and challenges the rest of the industry to keep up. This ultimately benefits all clients, both theirs and ours.


Through our annual educational conference, continuing education hours, town hall conference calls, best practices programs, committee work, discounted educational materials, workshops and mentor programs, we help our members maintain their professional designations and the highest of standards.


We continuously strive to deliver better tools for a better client experience. Whatever the client need, we participate in focus groups, research third-party applications and help develop proprietary technology with the firm to fill that need. Our focus on innovation leads to more satisfied clients.


Sharing information is critical to our business. APIC keeps members apprised of the latest industry trends, issues, studies and articles through our website, emails and bimonthly newsletter, the Oracle. They have also been granted access to the firms Asset Allocation Center (AAC) 2.0. To access AAC, simply type aac into your Internet Explorer address bar.

Our Mission

To inspire excellence in investment consulting through collaboration, education and innovation.

  • We believe in excellence.
  • We believe in success.
  • We believe in speaking our minds.
  • We believe in fostering professionalism through a culture of consulting.

And we passionately believe in sharing with each other, as a community of colleagues. The notion of sharing with each other our successes and failures, our innovative ideas, competitive knowledge and academic insights-the fact that we teach each other openly, willingly and quite well-is virtually unheard of in our industry. Yet sharing is the foundation of APIC.

Our Vision

To build an association that is the organization of choice for consultants dedicated to raising their level of professionalism. APICs unique history and culture will drive proactive change, thought leadership, collaboration, and partnership. APIC seeks to be recognized as the industry standard for investment consulting and advisory practices.

APIC members are innovators. We actively create and introduce technique and methods to provide cutting-edge service and expertise to our clients, and to develop our practices.

We have organized ourselves into committees that focus on our special areas of expertise or need, and that provide and excellent forum for members to express opinions to people who will listen to their concerns.

This site is designed to outline membership benefits as well as to provide a valuable platform from which our members can access such useful programs as StreetSmarts, downloadable audio interviews, the Oracle Newsletter, and access to a variety of professional presentation materials.

The first and primary benefit of APIC membership is the opportunity to work with and build relationships with people we respect and whose company we enjoy, both personally and professionally. Secondly and most importantly, we believe this collaboration allows APIC members to further enhance their level of consulting and service that we deliver to our clients.

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