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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How can I expect to improve my business by joining APIC?

  • Your client solutions can improve by gaining access to successful strategies that APIC practitioners have already implemented.
  • Your professionalism can increase by interacting with FAs who, like you, hold themselves to the highest possible standards.
  • You get real time answers that can be implemented immediately. APIC’s unique value is that all the solutions and information shared are specific to the Morgan Stanley platform.

2.    What is the purpose of APIC?

  • Striving to stay relevant in a changing industry.
  • Helping members to be the highest level of caliber of professionals in Investment Consulting.
  • Maintaining an organization to facilitate learning and sharing within an ever changing environment.
  • Growing members personally and professionally to be the best in the industry

3.    What is the difference between APIC and PMI?

APIC was formed in 1990 with a broader concept, which covers the entire wealth management consulting platform. PMI consists of FAs primarily practicing on the PM (Portfolio Management) platform, where APIC membership is open to FAs on any Consulting Group platform at Morgan Stanley.

4.    What is the difference between APIC and IMCA?

APIC is Morgan Stanley only and is FA organized, managed and governed. IMCA is open to all firms.

5.    How can I access information about APIC?

By typing APIC in your 3DR browser you will find valuable information and the starting point to access all that APIC has to offer. This also can link you to the APIC website, https://apicms.org.

6.    What are the qualifications and designations for full voting membership in APIC?

Please see the requirements here.

7.    How many hours of CE do you get at the conference?

CE credits Varies from year to year (10 to 15) hours depending on designation such as CIMA or CFP.

8.    Can you pay for APIC using BDA?

Yes, you can seek full reimbursement from BDA.

9.     What benefits are there besides the annual conference?

  • Webinars (Type APIC in your 3DR browser to view more information and access the APIC website)
  • Peer to Peer Sharing Education year round
  • White papers available
  • Oracle Newsletter
  • Downloadable audio interviews on website
  • Professional presentation materials on website

10.     What does an APIC Conference provide that is different from ADI Accelerator Meetings?

APIC conference educational material is on par with graduate level courses. Most APIC members feel its conference provides a unique advantage for peer to peer exchange and sharing ways to build your practice.

11.     Is membership open to everyone?

Yes, if employed by Morgan Stanley and meet required qualifications, as listed above in question 7, regardless of production level.

12.      How do I register for APIC?

Go to https://apicms.org, click on “JOIN”, fill out online application and submit. Applications will be reviewed for completeness and will be submitted to the board for approval at the next monthly board meeting.

13.     What happens after I submit my application and pay my dues?

1.    The membership committee and chairman will submit your application to the board for approval.

2.    After confirmation of your membership, the executive director will:

  • contact you with a logon & password
  • will answer any questions you have.
  • help you to log in as a Member, allowing access to all the website resources such as the Oracle, our newsletter.

14.     Why doesn’t Morgan Stanley cover the cost of APIC?

APIC is a separate, stand-alone organization.

15.     If I pay for membership dues in July after the conference, do I have to pay again in January?

No, membership is based on your anniversary date.

16.     Is it limited to just Financial Advisors?

No, firm associates and other team members can become members as well.

17.      What if I don’t have a designation?

You must commit to obtaining one within 3 years in order to become a Voting Member.

18.      Is there a list of members available for me to review?

Yes, type APIC in your 3DR browser where you can access various APIC website links which includes a link to “APIC Public Site”. Once on the APIC website click on “List of APIC Members” at the left side of the page to view list of members.

19.     What opportunities are there to get involved once I join APIC?

Investment Strategies                         Member-to-Member Services

- Research                                          - Conference

- Porfolio Construction Tools              - External – AIE/IMCA

- Performance Management              - Professional Development:

                                                                        - Oracle

Practice Mgt: Clients & Teams                   - Marketing/Website

- High Net Worth Clients                             - Member Services

- Teams                    

- Institutional/Graystone          Organization                                             

                                                - Executive Committee     - Legends Group

                                                - Internal Operations        - Compliance/Legal

20.     What does APIC expect of ME as a member?

  • Be involved in the organization.
  • Participate, serve and be willing to share with peers.
  • Aspire to continually improve your practice.

21.     When and why was APIC started? Founding members?

Founded in 1990, APIC is an association that is organized, managed and funded entirely by Financial Advisors of then E.F. Hutton and now Morgan Stanley. Our mission is to inspire excellence in investment consulting through collaboration, education and innovation, while always focused on staying client centric. (Type APIC in your 3DR browser to view more information and access the APIC website)

Charter Members who are still at the firm:

Bill Ankeny                              Brian Kelly, Sr.

Dan Biederman                       Ted Lucien

Rusty Cooper                          Dan Roland

Mark Curtis                             Mike Sasser

Larry Eckstrom                       Robert Scherer

Barry Giller                              Sandee Smith

Mary Lynne Hickey                Jeff Wigbels

22.    What are some of the major accomplishments that have come from APIC?

Some of our achievements APIC has been instrumental in:

  • Investment Advisor Research          
  • Consulting Group Professional Education Sessions
  • Consulting Group tools, including Polaris, Orion, Portfolio Monitor, Portfolio Minder and Asset Allocation Center  
  • Consulting Group Advisor, Select UMA
  • Former Financial Advisor Program
  • Next generation tools, including Manager Search and Selection, Portfolio Monitoring and Risk Management, and Asset Allocation and Liability Analysis                                   
  • Graystone Consulting
  • We Hear You
  • APIC Annual Priorities

*Many of these initiatives, both past and present, have become platform engines and current day tools, which continue to evolve.

23.  Do I have to serve on a committee in order to be a member?

It is highly encouraged because some of the most enjoyable aspects of membership are working side-by-side and forging new friendships and relationships with fellow members. APIC membership is for people who want to challenge themselves and are willing to do that by sharing their best ideas.

24. What are the benefits for the “non FA” members of my team?

The best teams recognize that it is just as important for their staff to develop a professional network. But, remember, APIC succeeds because everyone wants to contribute and build off of the collaboration to create even better solutions.

  • APIC helps you “raise the bar” for all the members on your team.
  • Non-FA APIC team members have the opportunity to network.
  • Analysts, support staff and administrators can join APIC committees and increase their network of resources and problem solvers.

25.  What are some characteristics of an APIC member?

  • Has client-centered business practices with consulting as its primary business model focus.
  • Upholds the highest ethical standards
  • Values collaborative thinking and shares with other professional colleagues.
  • Academically inquisitive thinkers who share intellectual capital
  • Looks for state-of-the-art solutions for our clients and our consulting practices

26.  Can I earn CE credits to keep my CIMA and or CFP current?

Yes, CIMA and CFP CE credits are available through APIC.

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