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Our Mission

APIC is the organization where focused advisors connect, collaborate, and generously share best practices in order to enhance the service delivered to their clients and grow their businesses.

Our Vision

To build an association that is the organization of choice for consultants dedicated to raising their level of professionalism. APICs unique history and culture will drive proactive change, thought leadership, collaboration, and partnership. APIC seeks to be recognized as the industry standard for investment consulting and advisory practices.

APIC members are innovators. We actively create and introduce technique and methods to provide cutting-edge service and expertise to our clients, and to develop our practices.

We have organized ourselves into committees that focus on our special areas of expertise or need, and that provide and excellent forum for members to express opinions to people who will listen to their concerns.

The first and primary benefit of APIC membership is the opportunity to work with and build relationships with people we respect and whose company we enjoy, both personally and professionally. Secondly and most importantly, we believe this collaboration allows APIC members to further enhance their level of consulting and service that we deliver to our clients.

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