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Board of Directors

APIC is governed by a board of directors made up Morgan Stanley Financial advisors as voted on by the membership. Additional at-large members are appointed each year by the board to represent the firm, and selected members of the community at large. For more information on on elections and policy, please refer to the APIC Bylaws.

2023 Executive Board

Board of Directors

Not listed above: At-Large: Ralph Balzano, Jason Friedman, Kara Julian 

Seth Redlus

Executive Director

Past Presidents

2022 Keith Dressel

2021 Adam Warshavsky

2020 Maureen Shuler

2019 Marybeth Emson

2018 Fay Debellis

2016-2017 Rich Hazzouri

2015 Mary Deatherage

2014 Pete Cartwright

2013 Keith Swanson

2012 Tim Skelly

2011 Mike Engel

2010 Norm Nabhan

2008-2009 Elaina Spilove

2007 Doug Berger

2005-2006 Tim Kneen

2004 Chris Aitken

2003 Jim Pupillo

2002 Joel Schiffman

2001 Jim Stoker

2000 Larry Ekstrom

1999 Kathleen Hegenbart

1998 Lori Van Dusen

1997 Chris Poch

1996 Mark Curtis

1995 David Norcom

1994 Sandee Smith

1993 George Dunn

1992 Larry Ekstrom

1991 David Norcom

Jules Katz

Sponsor Relationships

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