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The best way to learn about APIC is to talk to our members.
Contact us today to schedule a call with a member to learn first-hand about APIC.

Get the most out of APIC


Use APIC Products

Your fellow members are working hard to put together informative calls, in-depth interviews, interactive events and more. If it's important to them, the likelihood is that it's of value to you.


Get Your Hands In

You get back more than you contribute. Join a committee, volunteer to help produce the conference. Seek a seat on the Board of Directors. The more people you work with, the better your relationships will be.


Meet Other Members

Use the member directory to reach out to your fellow APIC colleagues. Openly share your challenges and help to solve theirs.


Choose Your Adventure

Need content that doesn't exist? Let us know and we'll work with you to source and build it.

Betsy Pakenas 2018_edited.jpg

APIC itself makes a big place feel smaller and the opportunity to serve on

the board enhances friendships all the more. “I think of the APIC Board as a cheerleader for the Financial Advisor community. It promotes awareness, friendships, communication and dialogue between FA’s and with management. It is also good to get outside of my own bubble. There is much to learn from the other FAs — how they manage their practices and promote partnerships.“ I see APIC as a resource for everyone: a voice to management, a seat at the table for FAs and a strong conduit for communication between management and the FA community. The Standard of Care is an initiative I feel strongly about. “Here we have an advisor-run, formal professional organization, a platform for a strong FA voice of MS for collaboration. Awareness and visibility should lead to more membership and our voice will continue to grow stronger. APIC provides us the opportunity for continuous re-evaluation of our own processes and the development of deeper and broader relationships within our extended community.

– Betsy Pakenas CFP - Frederick Maryland

Paper Fan


Consider a Financial Advisor membership if you are a sole practitioner, or wish to be the only member of your team to have access to APIC.


Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory

Invites to APIC Doug-E Events

Invites to APIConnect Calls

Participation on APIC Topical Committees

Access to APICRadio

Reduced Conference Registration


Advisors must be Morgan Stanley or Graystone Consulting Financial Advisors in good standing with the firm

Have attained one of the following mandatory titles or designations:
Institutional Consulting Director (ICD)
Corporate Client Group Director (CCG)
Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF)
Senior Investment Management Consultant (SIMC)
Senior Institutional Consultant (SIC)
Private Wealth Advisor (PWA)
Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)
Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Family Wealth Director (FWD)
Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM)

Must agree to uphold the existing ethical requirements of the above designations.

Must be in the Top 2 Quintiles for Gross Revenue, and have greater than 60% Recurring Revenue (as reported at time of application in My Practice). This requirement is waived for Graystone and NSP applicants.


Reimbursement through AFG/BDA available. A discount is available for members under the age of 40.


Avionics Engineering


Team memberships allow an FA to bring their entire team into APIC.

Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory for all team members

Invites to APIC Doug-E Events for all team members

Invites to APIConnect Calls for all team members

Participation on APIC Topical Committees for all team members

Access to APICRadio for all team members

Reduced Conference Registration for all team members

All team members must serve under the same practice named, but may be of any job function.

The primary FA for a team membership must meet the eligibility requirements for a Financial Advisor member.



In recognition of the generous support provided to APIC by Morgan Stanley, the organization offers complimentary memberships to non-producing Firm Management.

Access to the APIC Website & Member Directory

Invites to APIConnect Calls

Management members are asked to participate in the APIC member directory as subject matter experts.

Applicant may not be revenue-producing and may not directly service accounts.


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