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Tom Gorman Award

Brendan Trudden

2024 Recipient

APIC was founded in 1990…and from its inception at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Tom Gorman was its Executive Director. He helped to bring organization to the APIC concept…helped develop and direct the mission…designed and implemented the operating framework…worked with the volunteers and Board to move APIC from a small group of casual net workers, to a well-established, respected organization. In other words, Tom helped make APIC what it is today. This award is named for Tom and recognizes that same sense of commitment from one of APIC’s volunteers. Today it represents APIC’s highest level of achievement and is given based on the following criteria: 

  • APIC leadership experience as Officer and/or conference chair

  • Consistently helped develop educational curriculums

  • Demonstrated the ability to effect change in conjunction with Firm’s management

  • Instrumental in developing the mission of the organization over the years to include policy issues such as bylaws

  • Actively recruited new members

  • Given or organized numerous educational sessions at past APIC conferences

  • Impacted strategically on the organization and its members

  • Directly assisted in accomplishing APIC’s mission through his/her relationship with top management APIC member mission because of their relationship with top management.

Previous Recipients
  • 1999 Thomas Gorman

  • 2000 Christopher Poch

  • 2001 Mark Curtis

  • 2002 Sandee Smith/Lori Van Dusen

  • 2003 Scott Thayer

  • 2004 James Stoker

  • 2005 Jim Pupillo

  • 2006 Elaina S. Spilove

  • 2007 Timothy B. Kneen

  • 2008 George Dunn

  • 2009 Michael Engel

  • 2010 Doug Berger

  • 2011 Susan Yelen

  • 2012 Lisa Blonkvist

  • 2013 Ron Oleet

  • 2014 Tim Skelly

  • 2015 Cheryl Carpenter

  • 2016 Keith Dressel

  • 2017 Mary Deatherage

  • 2018 Sandee Smith

  • 2019 Richard Hazzouri

  • 2022 Marybeth Emson

  • 2023 Adam Warshavsky

Partnership Award

Caroline Gundeck

2024 Recipient

Many professionals have made major contributions to APIC and its membership. The Board felt that we, as an organization, should recognize annually those who have shown consistent and overwhelming support of the APIC mission, initiatives, and culture over the years and advanced our profession. In short, a best friend to APIC.


The APIC Partnership Award was presented for the first time at the 2002 Conference to Norm Nabhan. Some feel that the award should even carry his name for all he has given in promoting our beliefs throughout the firm and the industry. 

General Consideration Criteria:

  • Assisted in the development of educational curriculum for APIC annual conferences
    Assisted in helping find and recruit high profile speakers for annual conferences

  • Provided input in the development the APIC Priorities List

  • Ensured the APIC priorities were incorporated into annual CG capital budget requests

  • Assisted in recruiting new APIC members

  • Served as an outside advisor to the APIC Board of Directors

  • Advanced our mission in the firm or the industry

Previous Recipients
  • 2002 Norm Nabhan

  • 2003 Mark Kennard

  • 2004 John Pratt

  • 2005 Pat Nicholson

  • 2006 John Bigley

  • 2007 James J. Tracy

  • 2008 Paul Carter

  • 2009 Dana J. Fowler

  • 2010 Barron’s Winner Circle

  • 2011 Charles Johnson

  • 2012 Paul Hatch

  • 2013 Marc Brookman

  • 2014 Bob Seaberg

  • 2015 Janet Nickel

  • 2016 Jeff Decker

  • 2017 Liz Kramer

  • 2018 Rosalie Berman

  • 2022 Vanessa Trutt

  • 2023 Alison Rooney


Sandee Smith Award

Sheila Davis

2024 Recipient

It was approved at the June 2005 Board of Directors meeting to establish the Sandee Smith Leadership Award to be presented annually to a Committee Chair who exemplifies her commitment and leadership to APIC.  The honoree will be selected by the current Executive Committee and announced both at the awards ceremony and as a special invitation to the Board dinner prior to the annual conference. 


Sandee has served APIC since it’s inception in nearly every role. Her commitment to the organization has rarely been matched if ever.  She often did not serve in the most glamorous roles but did the hard jobs that helped build our Associations into a “Community of Colleagues.  This award was created to honor those that do the real work of APIC…the committee chairs.  Many times the President and the Board of APIC are acknowledged for all of there work.  However, it is the committee chairs that keep APIC’s agenda moving forward.  This award appropriately has its own moment of acknowledgement away from the conference and its own recognition of the importance these people play in our organization.   



The Executive Committee will take nominations from the Board of Directors.  Nominations should be based on what Committee Chair has done the most to advance the stated objectives of APIC within the membership and within the firm.  Further consideration will be given to acknowledging those that may play a future leadership role with APIC in this process.

Previous Recipients
  • 2006 Susan Yelen

  • 2007 Michael James Melko

  • 2008 Douglas Berger

  • 2009 Paul Compton

  • 2010 Lisa Blonkvist

  • 2011 Janet Bolton

  • 2012 Brian Kelly, Sr.

  • 2013 Richard Hazzouri

  • 2014 John Jackson

  • 2015 Fay DeBellis, Sue van der Linden

  • 2016 Marybeth Emson

  • 2017 Liz Ross

  • 2018 Adam Warshavsky

  • 2019 Betsy Pakenas, Kim Rosenfield

  • 2022 Maureen Shuler

  • 2023 Elizabeth Peterson

The Champion Award

Matt Brucker - The Grand America Hotel

2024 Recipient

APIC relies on the support of a key set of individuals to help further our mission, provide visibility within the industry, and to enable us to share and grow with others.


The Champion Award highlights the contributions of others to APIC's mission. The individuals who receive this award have gone above and beyond to provide guidance, support and assistance to the organization so that we may continue to strive to

Previous Recipients
  • 2016 Sterling Shea

  • 2019 James Tracy

  • 2022 April Ferrell

  • 2023 Kristin Greeley


The Pat Nicholson Award

Devon Latimer

2024 Recipient

In 1997 many of the senior consultants in APIC realized that some analysts in the field were creating innovative applications to help clients, as well as consultants. These innovations included not only quantitative studies, but also ways to assist in the education process. The organization believed that by presenting an award for superior analytical work we could accomplish two things:


Recognize valuable employees for exemplary analytical work, and encourage other analysts to develop and publish their work. 


Pat Nicholson was the pioneer of the analyst training and development program for Consulting Group and has made major contributions to CG, APIC, and to APIC members for many years. This award honors his commitment to developing analysts. The award was first presented in 1997. 


The award is a $1000 cash prize and free registration and hotel to the APIC Conference the year of the award.

  • Salaried, non-FC working with individual consulting practices, as a branch analyst, or staff of one of the Consulting Group Technical Centers throughout the country.

  • The award is given to recognize exemplary, original work completed to help turn prospects into clients, or retain or expand services for existing clients.

This award is solicited from the membership.

Previous Recipients
  • 1997 Catherine Schupp

  • 1998 Phil Scrofani

  • 1999 Michele Cotter

  • 2000 Mike Taylor

  • 2001 Rick Van Kuren/Michael Hickey

  • 2002 David Ocanas

  • 2003 Darren Evans

  • 2004 Hans Anderson

  • 2005 Thomas Trepanier

  • 2007 William V. Ryan

  • 2008 Amy Dalton

  • 2009 Suzanne Manibhai

  • 2010 Maureen Coogan

  • 2011 Robert Holt

  • 2012 Anthony Parmisano

  • 2013 Brian Miller

  • 2014 Patrick Hogan

  • 2015 Daniel Berggren

  • 2016 Frank Senzino

  • 2017 Jason Meyer

  • 2018 Amanda Thome

  • 2019 Michael Bennett

  • 2022 Devon Latimer

  • 2023 Heather Wineinger

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